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We are conquerors in running, and bling!


Comprising of the countries of Canada, U.S.A and Mexico, this stunning map medal is yours when you join our current event.


Custom made to our highest standard, this will look stunning in anyones race bling collection.



Join thousands of runners and travel the globe!

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You can show you've completed your run by posting to our Strava club (Medals For Miles).



This is not compulsary, we trust you to put in the miles which we will reward you for with your medals!



Where In The World?

See runners of which countries have already entered!



UK Mainland Entry (£10)

Non UK Mainland Entry (£15)

This event is open to everyone - any age, sex, ability!

This is a 'virtual community run'. You run the race distance anytime to qualify for the medal which we then send out to you. Join hundreds of others who are up for the challenge. Do it on your own or in a group, in the gym, on a treadmill, road or trail it all counts. You can even break it up into smaller chunks if it's too much for you.


Share your experience with the Medals For Miles Community.

Some may be running it alone, but you're all part of the Medals For Miles Community of Runners. We believe everyone should celebrate their ability to run so don't forget to post to our Facebook page and share your experience. And of course we want some more snaps of you when your medal arrives too!


Simply enter online below to join this event.

It's as simple as that. No matter your age, race, sex or ability we welcome you to the Medals For Miles Community. Run the miles with us, secure in the knowledge that you're doing something wonderful.

Please note:

Non UK mainland runners must select 'Non UK Mainland' or your medal will not reach you, but you may still be charged!

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