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An online community of runners sharing in success.


Did you know you can run over 200 miles during a basic 10K training program?


Well at Medals For Miles we think those miles should count for something, so join in and get rewarded anytime, not just race day!




How do I get a medal?

Simply sign up for our latest event. Run the required distance and get rewarded with your beautifully custom made medal we send you.


How much is it to take part?

Entries are just £10 for UK mainland runners and £15 for everywhere else in the world. There's a small card processing fee (of which we don't see a penny) but postage and packing is totally free!


When is the next race?

See the 'Get Medals' page as we hold a different event on a regular basis.

Just run the correct distance (at anytime during the event window) to qualify.


Where do I run?

This is the beauty of Medals For Miles as you can run anywhere you like!

Some people run but may not feel brave enough to turn up at an organised race yet. Others just love collecting race bling, or you may just want to mark you next run as something special.

Even if you run on your own you are not alone anymore. Be part of our next event.

Treadmill, trail, road, track, gym, parkrun - just run where you want!

Many social groups, families, running clubs and Facebook friends are using Medals For Miles as a way of encouraging each other to start running and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


How do you know I've actually run?

Hey, we trust you. But you can also post results to our Strava Club. Here you'll be able to see who else has run the event and where they are in the world! You can also share your stories and pics to our Facebook Group, as although you ran your own route you all ran the same 'race' together. We will also be updating our event gallery after each race with your comments and photos so you can all swap your race stories and times.


Can I enter a race more than once?

Of course. For each entry you make you will be sent one medal.


Do I have to tell you when I'm doing it?

No, just sign up and off you go.


Can I run with my mates?

Certainly you can. You are your own personal race manager. However you want to run it is fine with us. We promote running as a way of life, so just do your thing and enjoy it. Get your mates to sign up too and you can run the distance in a group.


Can I run someone elses organised race to get my medal?

Of course, some people do just that. Remember you can run anywhere, anytime, so if that happens to be an organised club run or your favourite Park Run then so be it.


Can anyone enter?

Our races are open to everyone, any age, sex or ability. We want to encourage as many people as possible to live healthy active lifestyles.


I'm not in the UK, can I still enter?

Absolutely, just select the 'non-uk' entry as it costs a little more to send your medal.

You may wish to check if your own country charges any import duty on products bought elsewhere.


When are the medals sent out?

We send these out on a fortnightly basis so you don't have to wait. Don't forget to post your medal pics to our Facebook community!


What if I'm ill / don't manage to run in the month / or in fact at all?

No worries, we understand life happens and best laid plans sometimes go awry. As each entry is non-refundable, we will still send you out your beautiful medal, hopefully this will motivate you to keep your running exploits going.


Who are Medals For Miles

A UK (Staffordshire) based husband and wife team who love running. We want to help as many people as possible to take up a healthy lifestyle, but we understand that sometimes people may need that dangled carrot as a motivator. So Medals For Miles was born giving you the rewards for your hard earned efforts.

Join the global race near you!


The feeling you get from a run is far better that the feeling you get sitting around wishing you were running

A 12 minute mile is just as far as a 6 minute mile

One run can change your day, many runs can change your life

Every day is a good day when you run

No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch

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